Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pack-pack-pack pack it up!

Took my GRE yesterday, and now I can more fully invest myself into my trip and prep!

Now I'm a bit consumed with packing. I mean, what the heck do I bring on a 1,000-mile bike trip to places I've never been before? Is it going to rain? Snow? Be excruciatingly hot? Will I be able to run and hike when my butt gets too sore? What do I do with my bike + panniers when I'm not riding it?

Too many questions. Let's focus on packing!
I've backpacked tons, and I'm approaching this trip a bit how I would approach a backpacking trip, bringing a mixture of warm things, dry things, sleep things, and lots of spandex.
The great thing about a bike trip is that I have a bit more flexibility in what I bring and how I store it, and, as Steve brought up last night, I can always ride into town and buy what I don't have. Good thing I have an endless supply of cash. Right.

The bike:
The pretty girl at Mt Evans

Speacialized Tri-Cross Sport Disk
I spent a lot of time this spring looking at bikes and fiddled around with brakes, frame, handlebars, fit, price, and other things until I found juuuuust the right ride. This bike swept me off my feet when I first rode her. Here were my deal-breakers:
-Disk-brakes for any type of weather
-Fender mounts for the racks
-Aluminum frame to keep it light
-Comfortable fit and instant spark. She's one suave lady!

The bags:

Practice packing and taking inventory

Ortlieb: Back roller classic panniers
These will be the main cargo storage units. These will carry all my camping gear (MSR Hubba tent, Thermarest NeoAir Lite, Mont-Bell sleeping bag), clothing (rain gear, warm clothes), stove (knock-off JetBoil), computer + charger (I'm taking an online class- don't hate), running shoes, and flip flops

Novara: Gotham rack trunk
For all my bike tools, tire levers, Chamois Butt'r, maps (thanks to Adventure Cycling!), spare tubes, air cartridges, chain lube, and Vitamin I (aka- Ibuprofen).

Timbuk2: Goody Bento Box Top Tube Bag
Basically a snack box/hangry-buster and an iPhone holder keeping Cocogo, Energy Beans, Picky Bars, and Justin's Nut Butters. Yum!

Other randoms:
Nathan women's hydration pack, headphones, notebook and pen, two sundresses (my only change of clothes outside of bike and camp clothes), swimsuit, quick-dry towel, a wind shirt, and some bike layers (leg and arm warmers), and a picture of my man with some motivational phrases that keep me going:

I'll miss this guy tons and tons :)

Off to enjoy my last two days in Boulder!

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