Monday, January 27, 2014

Every 1,852-mile journey starts with a... blog?

Nothing like a shiny new blog just waiting for its first post!

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My name is Sara, and I am a science teacher and sunshine enthusiast living in Boulder, Colorado. I love beautiful scenery and people. This summer, I will be embarking on a {mostly} solo adventure biking from Vancouver to San Diego.

...but why?

Great question! 

First, I'm a teacher. I have summers off, and it's important to decompress and reinvigorate the mind {even though I work at the best school ever}.  This ride will be partly a personal celebration and revival amongst the most beautiful coastal landscapes in the country.  I'd also like to feel the satisfaction of planning, training for, executing, and completing {in some fashion} a trip totally of my own creation.

Photo courtesy of the Challenged Athletes Foundation

Of course, this ride isn't all about me! More important than a break from school, my ride will serve as a fundraiser for the Challenged Athletes Foundation {CAF}, an awesome organization that provides opportunities and support for people with physical challenges.

The best adventure pal a lady could ever hope for!

I first learned about this organization through my manfriend, Steve. Steve has been an active, enthusiastic supporter of CAF and has participated in several CAF triathlons. Although Steve won't be joining me {read about his upcoming summer adventures here: -link-}, his passion for CAF and their mission turned me on to the organization.

Finishing The Bear Chase Race this Fall. I need to work on my finish line fashion.

I've competed in a variety of races-- half and full trail marathons, a smattering of road races from 1 to 10 miles, triathlons, nordic ski races, and even a rollerblading race {I took 3rd}. A student {who, side note, runs this awesome website, Humans of Boulder; "Like" the page and support young and wonderful creativity} asked me last summer why I didn't race for a charity when I did these events. Truthfully, I didn't have a good answer for her! Since then, I've tried to sign up for races that have a direct purpose beyond my own PRs.

Please take a visit to my personal CAF fundraising page! All proceeds go to CAF.
I'm hoping to reach my goal of raising $5 per mile, for a total of $9,260.
The OCD in me {and you} wants to round it up to an even $10,000. Wouldn't that be great?

I have set up a fundraising page through CAF. I'm paying for all trip expenses out of pocket. All of my needs are met, and I would love to fundraise as much as possible for this amazing organization.

I'd love to hear any advice, words of wisdom, and any hot tips {especially any must-see destinations} from folks as I plan this trip. I'll be posting a variety of pre-ride entries mostly about my preparation, including:

Thank you for all of your support! I look forward to sharing my adventure with you!


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  1. Wow, this is very inspiring Sara! It takes a pretty courageous and determined person to do something like this. Very admirable. As an Oregonian, I know you will appreciate the route along the Oregon Coast. :)